Stanford University
Stanford, CA

This one-acre garden contains the largest collection of the work of Auguste Rodin outside of Paris. The centerpiece of this permanent exhibit of life-sized bronzes is the Walking Man and the Meditations, and the only existing lost-wax casting of the renowned Gates of Hell. Sculpture display areas are arranged in a triangular circuit around a (planned but never executed) reflecting pool that connects the surrounding streets with the Museum Rotunda, which houses the indoor collection of Rodin's small sulptures and sketches.

The garden's West side, bounded by a screen of new vegetation, is modulated by two raised terraces that trace the foundations of the Museum's former wings destroyed by the 1906 earthquake. The existing grove of live oak trees is augmented by Chinese pagoda, Raywood ash, and Victorian box trees. The garden is open to the public 24 hours a day, year-round