Fremont, CA

The City Hall, Police Building, and connecting Plaza are the results of a national architectural competition sponsored by the suburban municipality, won in 1966 by Robert Mittelstadt. The competition program also included a master plan for a complete urban center consisting of cultural, recreational, commercial, and governmental facilities on a 50-acre gift parcel of farmland in the new city’s geographic center. The first place award carried with it the commission to execute the City Hall and Police Headquarters.

The structure is exposed, sandblasted reinforced poured-in-place concrete. The two buildings total 75,000 sq.ft. in floor area. Two sub-branches of the Hayward fault traverse the site, creating a seismic island of the civic center.

Drawing on the Brutalist style of the 60’s, the design incorporates western European urban traditions in its attempt to transform Fremont, previously a cluster of five rural hamlets, into a viable (sub)urban center, in accord with the stated objectives of the competition.